Department of Physics and Astronomy
Tutor Preparation Sessions, Winter 2019

If you are assigned to work in the tutorial lab, you are required to attend weekly tutor preparation sessions for the course indicated in parentheses on your hire letter. These sessions are scheduled as follows:

Physics 105, N309 ESC, Thu 2:00-4:00, first prep session on January 10
Physics 106a, N309 ESC, Wed 12:00-2:00, first prep session on January 9
Physics 106b, N309 ESC, Wed 3:00-5:00, first prep session on January 9
Physics 121, N309 ESC, Mon 2:00-4:00, first prep session on January 7
Physics 123, N309 ESC, Tue 2:00-4:00, first prep session on January 8
Physics 220, N309 ESC, Thu 4:00-6:00, first prep session on January 10

If your online schedule does not indicate availability for the preparation session associated with a course that you are qualified for, you cannot be hired for that course. Availability during hours when demand is high can also influence hiring decisions.

The assignments to sessions are based on your availability which we obtained from the schedule you submitted. If your schedule has changed, and you cannot attend this weekly session, please let Grant Hart know right away (at, and he will try to change your assignment.

The sessions are scheduled to be two hours long. These two hours are counted as part of your assignment in the tutorial lab. For example, if you are assigned 10 hours/week in the tutorial lab, then you will spend 2 hours/week in the preparation session and 8 hours/week in the lab helping students.

In the preparation sessions, you will work the homework problems in that course. If there is time, you wil also work the homework problems for other courses that use the same lab. You will usually work together with the other TAs without the help of the instructor. Even though you will be especially prepared to help students in one specific course, you are still expected to help students in other courses as well.

Your photographs and names will be posted on the internet for the students to see. Acceptance of employment in the tutorial lab implicitly implies your permission to post this information.

Your specific work hours in the tutorial lab will be assigned by a computer program that matches your schedule and the desired staffing times. Please make sure your online schedule is always up to date. A first attempt at scheduling will be made before the first day of class. You will be notified by email. A second schedule is usually made during the second week of classes.