Department of Physics and Astronomy

Application for Teaching Assistant Position

We start accepting applications on the dates indicated for the respective terms:

Spring Term 2020

Use the following link to update your schedule when it changes after you apply.

Information about Teaching Assistant positions

It is necessary to re-apply for a TA position each semester or term you would like one. You will not automatically carry over from semester to semester, and, depending on the department needs, you may not even be hired.
We give preference to physics majors and experienced TAs.
Our department pay scale is shown on this page.


 We usually will not hire people with poor grades in their physics classes.

Tutorial Lab

Tutor Prep Meeting Schedule

General Information

Many of our positions are to be TAs in our tutorial lab. We have two labs, the 105/121 tutorial lab and the 106/123/220 tutorial lab.

Coursework Requirements

In general there is some preference for those who have completed the 121 sequence as opposed to the 105 sequence, since they are better prepared for all the students.

Other Job Requirements

Lab TAs

In order to work as a lab TA, you must have completed the course with a good grade.  For 107 and 108 TAs we prefer students who have completed at least the first two semesters of our lab sequence (140 and 145) or one semester of 225.


We hire graders for many of our classes.  In order to be considered as a grader it is necessary that you have completed the class with a good grade.